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Robbie Foster
Quacky Baseball

"When 'the little rookie from the wrong side of the marsh' swings the bat, he brings it on home."
   - Publishers Weekly

And writing as Spencer Quinn, the Chet and Bernie Series: Dog On It, Thereby Hangs A Tail, To Fetch A Thief, The Dog Who Knew Too Much.

In Paperback

"Abrahams constructs a powder keg of suspense ... He manages to imbue this page-turner with themes of racial and economic injustice while conjuring the ghost of Hamlet's father to hover in the wings. Stellar.."
   - Hallie Ehpron, the Boston Globe


"I swear, if one more literary person says in that oh-so-condescendng tone, 'Oh, I don't read ... mysteries,' I'm going to take a novel by Peter Abrahams and smack him on his smug little head."
   - Michele Ross, Cleveland Plain Dealer


A Publishers Weekly
Best Book of 2006.
An Entertainment Weekly
Best Book of 2006.

"... some delicious twists and
that rare thriller pleasure:
a perfect ending."
- Entertainment Weekly


"Back in the day, the best hard-boiled detective fiction provided readers with state-of-the-art prose style as well as cheap thrills. But as decades went by, the style of Chandler and Hammett hardened even further and became a cliche. Recent incarnations of the noir voice (James Ellroy, for one) seem compulsive and symptomatic rather than fluid, like a Touretter mimicking a prizefighter's moves. Peter Abrahams' latest crime novel -- praised by Joyce Carol Oates in the pages of the New Yorker, no less -- points the way out of this hall of mirrors. "Oblivion" is written lean and sleek and undentable as titanium, but the experience it describes is anything but rock solid. ... you have to wonder how many pulp-seeking readers will even notice the elegant, low-key artistry of what Abrahams has achieved in the writing. But it's there, all right, like all clues Nick missed before cancer flipped a switch in his brain. Abrahams has as good a shot as anyone at bringing back detective fiction where the wordplay counts as much as the gunplay."
- Salon (Laura Miller)

Bullet Point

"Gutsier and sexier than most YA novels dare, Abrahams's thriller wrenches guts with a Richard Price-like facility. Readers will be as irretrievably drawn in as Wyatt."
   - Daniel Kraus, Booklist Starred Review



Winner 2010 Edgar Award,
Best Young Adult Mystery.
Behind the Curtain

" ... readers will be frantically turning pages and fully invested in Abrahams's message of true love conquering all obstacles."
   - Kirkus Reviews

"The best writer of psychological suspense around."
   - Laura Miller, Talk of the Nation, NPR

Echo Falls Series

Behind the Curtain

Book Three in the New York Times best-selling Echo Falls series.

"I've read the two previous Echo Falls mysteries featuring Ingrid (Down the Rabbit Hole and Behind the Curtain) and enjoyed them, but I think this one may be the best of all."
   - Claire Rosser, KLIATT (starred review)

Behind the Curtain

Finalist for the 2007
Agatha Award, Best
Children's/Young Adult

Down the Rabbit Hole
2006 Agatha Award
Winner Best Children's/
Young Adult Fiction.